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I have always known I had angels looking out for me, but I never knew that I could interact and communicate with them until now.  Thank you for showing me how to check in with my angels when making hard and important decisions about my life. 

It feels so good to get verification from my angels that I am doing something that is in line with my purpose.  

Of course, on occasion, they also keep me from doing something that is not for my greater good.  I feel like I have a whole team helping me find my way through this life.  This is such a blessing.  I can't tell you how much this means to me and gives me peace in even the most difficult times. 

Thank you !!!
Kathy Crawford, Ann Arbor, MI

The Thrust Profile you created for me yesterday is wonderful. 

I have never had someone so clearly and directly assess my life’s journey, my gifts, and my challenges with such accuracy and grace.  I’m especially thankful for the more detailed description of my guides. 

They’ve become infinitely more real to me now that I can identify them, and I feel them around me much more strongly than I ever have before.  I’m so grateful that you follow your heart and have become so attuned to this work.

Kris Brown, Charlottesville, VA

"It's like this weight that I had been carrying around all my life has been lifted."
Thank you so much for the blockage profile. I really appreciate how you lead me through my blockage and the areas that it occurred in my life.

I can say that immediately afterward, I felt a sense of relief.

It's like this weight that I had been carrying around all my life has been lifted and I feel a deeper connection to who I truly am.

Thank you so much, Melissa. You are amazing! I am feeling more and more love everyday. Not to mention I had 2 more sign-ups for my program since our session!

Stacy Stehle, Denver, CO

I feel lighter, brighter and happier with my life. I feel a sense of connectedness with my angels and a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. I have become very aware of my guidance and how they help me and want to be a part of my life. I am learning to work with them on a daily basis and it's delightful! Honestly this has been one of the most rewarding things I could have done for myself, my personal and spiritual growth. All I feel now is gratitude for everything and everyone!

Lisa Manysongs- Friendswood, TX

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with ALC Tomas & Jan BurkeCertified Spiritual Consultants Jan Kitto Burke & Tomas Burke during their stay in London provide you personalized information and guidance directly from Spirit. These profile consultations are a unique and powerful way to get the answers and positive boost you need to empower you to live your life purpose and reach your goals.

Jan & Tomas will have limited appointments available for private sessions in London May 2014.

Click the Book Your Appointment link below to schedule your session.

This Orientation Profile Consultation makes it personal!1001 Profile

Most importantly, you will learn a technique that enables you to communicate directly with your Angels. This tool cuts through your indecision and self doubt, giving you clear, direct communication with Spirit. You’ll discover what your psychic gift order is. When you know your first gift, you have permission to be YOU. You’ll discover the strength of your aura/energy filed at this time. The degree of positive, negative and indecisive energy in your aura will be indicated. You will receive advice on how you can increase your positive vibration. You’ll learn how many spirit guides are with you, and how they connect with you!

£45 One hour. (This consultation is also offered as part of the Angel Encounter Workshop)

The Blockage Discovery Profile

is a powerful way to identify the number one blockage area that’s holding you back right now. Blockage Discovery

A blockage is something that you picked up in your first 7 years – but it’s not the real you. If you feel that somethings not quite right with you, or you feeling stuck or hitting brick walls, this session is an excellent way to release that blockage area.

Your consultant will show you the pattern that’s occurring so you can see it for
what it is – just a not so good habit. Then, we’ll spend time working
on your solutions and how you are going to integrate a more positive
pattern into your life.

£45, 1 hr. Pre-requisite Orientation Profile.

The Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust Profile ...

will tell you all about your angels! Each of your angels has a personality and a particular area of expertise.Inner Guidance

You’ll discover who they were in their most recent incarnation including where they lived, what their occupation was, and most importantly what they are helping you with. You’ll also discover your spiritual thrust which is your personal phrase or sentence which encapsulates your spiritual purpose - the energy that you’ve come to express.

See how you can live your spiritual thrust even more - to be more successful
in anything you do.

£70 2 hrs Pre-requisite Orientation Profile.

The Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profile

will heal your chakras by helping Chakras Profile you be aware of the concepts and attitudes you carry that block the flow of energy within you spiritually and physically. Discover the exact percentage of energy flowing through each of your 7 chakras, so you have the big picture of where you are at, and what needs to shift.

Then, you’ll experience a powerful healing technique to balance all 7 of your chakra centers instantly. Feel healthy, vibrant and energized. Finally, we’ll take and indepth look at the one chakra that is causing you the most pressure at this time, so you can work on the solutions to shift that pressure out of your life ... forever.

£45 1 hr. Pre-requisite Orientation & Blockage Profiles.

Angel Portrait Profile

2003 profileDuring an Angel Portrait session you receive a visual representation of one of angels your as it appeared in its last lifetime. During this drawing session you get to know one of your angels at a deeper, more personal level.

Having a closer relationship with one of your angels helps you tune into your whole team and feel more confident in fulfilling your life's purpose. You can have as many portrait drawings as you have angels.

£70 1hr. Prerequisites: 1001 and 7004 profiles.
Please bring your previous profile sheets to the session.

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