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About Us

Melissa sharingThe Inner Peace Movement® is part of the wave of change on Planet Earth as we evolve into the New Millennium. IPM is autonomous groups of people around the world who have the common bond of wanting to grow spiritually without dogma or theology and in the process change the world for the better.

IPM is a means of becoming your true self; the dynamic, happy, balanced you. IPM gives you tools and techniques you need to create an unbelievably successful life on all levels.

You can awaken your spiritual (psychic) abilities to a level you may have believed only "gifted" people were capable of. During the last forty years, hundreds of different spiritual techniques have been developed for IPM community group work.

The purpose of the techniques is to help you expand your spiritual sensitivity and discernment for greater command of your own energy. These techniques help you go deeper in working 24/7 with your of guardian angels, your inner guidance. Through IPM involvement a vast new world of possibilities comes into view and a feeling of limitlessness becomes a way of life. Dreams of personal happiness become attainable goals.

IPM is not for everyone. IPM is for people who wish to transcend the limits their early conditions may have placed upon them. IPM is for people who desire to be living examples of how great life really is. IPM is people who are on the fast track to discovering the true essence of spiritual energy and its effective use.

Inner Peace Movement Groups and Programs have been growing in London since 2008. We have a growing community of like minded spiritual searchers who meet regularly for spiritual growth, development and awareness. We hope you will join us!

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